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Gary Dacus Jr. is an Independent / Endorsed Drummer. He has been playing drums for over 25 years. He has played with bands across NY, TN, AR, NC and now TX. He has toured across the United States with a couple of bands in the past 4 years.

From his hard hitting drumming and his fast feet work; with the double pedal; to his ability to bring his unique energy to every act he works with, he long ago earned the nickname THE BEAST and he has carried that moniker through the years - making it even more apparent in ever act he works with.

Gary 'The Beast' Dacus has been part of several long running projects as well as a sitting-in for other bands, where needed. His love of metal has been his mainstay, but he truly enjoys 'beating the skins' with a good solid rock band.

Over his many years playing drums -- any chance he could get, even around deployments and through injuries from his 12+ years in the Army Infantry -- he has played across several genres and sub-genres. To include; but never limited; to hard rock, southern, radio, classic and modern rock, as well as heavy metal, bay area thrash, hair metal, doom metal, hardcore and others; both in original acts and a few cover acts. 

He has been endorsed by one or more companies over the last 9 years. And has maintained long standing relationships with several of his endorsers. Those he is currently endorsed with and those he has been endorsed with in the past.

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